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Yet, to this day, both right-wing and mainstream media outlets cite the investigations inconclusive results as their central argument for defending Reagan and his legacy. However, if Nixons 1968 gambit jeopardizing the lives of a half million U.S. soldiers had been accepted as genuine history earlier, the evidence that Reagan endangered 52 U.S. embassy personnel might have seemed a lot easier to believe. As these longstanding cover-ups slowly crack and begin to crumble, the serious history behind them has started to show through in the mainstream media. For instance, on Jan. 3, during a CNN panel discussion about interference in U.S. presidential elections, popular historian Doug Brinkley added, One point: 1980, Ronald Reagan was taking on Jimmy Carter, and there was the October Surprise meeting keeping the hostages in Iran. William Casey, people in the Reagan administration were interfering with foreign policy then saying, Keep the hostages in until after the election. So it has happened before. Its not just Nixon here or Donald Trump. [For more details on the 1980 case, see Robert Parrys Americas Stolen Narrative or Trick or Treason: The 1980 October Surprise Mystery or Consortiumnews.coms Second Thoughts on October Surprise.

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