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Washington (AFP) - US ร้าน ครีมหน้าขาว ผิวแพ้ง่าย intelligence officials now believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved in hacking during the American election campaign as part of a vendetta against Hillary Clinton, NBC News reported late Wednesday. Putin personally instructed how material hacked from US Democrats was leaked and otherwise used, the US television network said, quoting two senior officials with access to this information. The officials said they have a "high level of confidence" in this new assessment, NBC reported. Asked if there was basis to the allegations, Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists: "Ridiculous nonsense cannot have any basis." Last weekend The Washington Post reported a CIA evaluation that Russia had hacked the emails of US persons and institutions as a way to sway the election in favor of Republican Donald Trump, who eventually did beat Clinton on November 8. Putin is said never to have forgiven Clinton -- then secretary of state -- for publicly questioning the integrity of parliamentary elections in 2011 in Russia, and accused her of encouraging street protests. The intelligence officials told NBC that Putin's goals in the alleged hacking began as revenge against Clinton. But they transformed into a broader effort to show that the world of US politics was corrupt and to, in the words of one official, "split off key American allies by creating the image that (other ครีมหน้าขาวราคาถูก countries) couldn't depend on the US to be a credible global leader anymore." In preparation for possible retaliation, US intelligence agencies have intensified probing of Putin's personal wealth, NBC said, citing US officials. Trump, who has spoken warmly of Putin, has dismissed as "ridiculous" the allegation that Russia was behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and people close to Clinton. Leading US lawmakers have called for a formal congressional investigation into the hacking. Reblog

It doesnt have any harmful effects. If anything, we should make it universal standard of care, she said. It is necessary that kangaroo mother care take place following a specific protocol and under the supervision of a nurse or other trained health provider at all times, however, to ensure that the baby does not become overheated or that the mother does not inadvertently fall asleep, which could be dangerous for the baby. It was in Colombia that kangaroo mother care was first developed as an option besides keeping infants in neonatal unit incubators while they gained weight. The new study, published in Pediatrics, followed up on 264 Colombian babies who were involved in a randomized controlled trial for kangaroo care 20 years ago. Because the study was a randomized controlled trial, the researchers can confidently state that the kangaroo mother care did in fact cause the better outcomes among babies who received it, though factors that occurred in the intervening years may have contributed as well. For example, the children in the kangaroo mother care group had slightly less severe abnormal neurologic results than the control group, the researchers reported, but they could not separate out effects caused by the kangaroo care versus effects that the family may have had. All the infants in the followup had weighed 4 pounds (1,800 grams) or less at birth and survived to at least age 1. The social worker originally involved in the first study was able to find 61% of the original 433 babies who had survived to 1 year old, but some had died, and others had moved out of the city or refused to participate. Infants who received kangaroo care were about half as likely to die as those in the control group, with death rates of 3.5% among the original kangaroo care participants and 7.7% among the participants in the control group. After adjustments for the babies weight and gestational age (pregnancy week) at birth, the odds of survival for those receiving kangaroo care was even a little better than that.

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